Radiance Heart Pasties - Black

Radiance Heart Pasties - Black
Wrap your goodies in glamour with the ravishing Radiance Heart Pasties. These reusable pasties are party ready with sparkling gem accents, an easy-peel and stick adhesive tape, and form-fitting design.

The form-fitting design and self-adhesive tape are made for extended playtime and can stay in place no matter how much your shake and shimmy. The glamorous nipple pasties are the perfect addition to any wild music festival look, rave outfit, Pride fit, or as luscious lingerie.

Easy Application - Thoroughly clean and dry desired location, peel and stick adhesive tape, and press firmly in place to ensure long-lasting wear. For best results, avoid using lotion or oil on location prior to use and apply any makeup/jewels/glitter after applying pasties.

Easy peel and stick on
Includes 2
Self-adhering for easy application
Gem accents
One size fits most
Material: 100% polyester

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