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Amaterasu - Women's Insertable Triple Geisha Balls with Gold Loop

Women's Insertable Triple Geisha Balls with Gold Loop. These insertable geisha balls are simply exqu..


Banga - Women's Lady Luck G-String with Hematite Pendant in Gold

Banga - Women's Lady Luck G-String with Hematite Pendant in Gold. This Women's "Lady Luck" waist ban..


Beachcomber - Sterling Silver Rare Pearl Vagina G-String Jewelry

Crotchless G-String With PearlSterling Silver Half Shell DesignIt's time to indulge in some easy ska..


Because the Night - Lady Luck G-String with Hematite Pendant in Silver

Because the Night - Women's Lady Luck G-String with Hematite Pendant in Silver Erotic Body Jewelry. ..


Benten - Black Double Penetrating Eggs With Gold Chain and Bow

Black Double Penetrating Eggs with Gold Chain and BowErotic Jewelry Lingerie and Vaginal/Anal Sex To..


Birth of Venus - Labia G-String Jewelry with Clit Pearl

Crotchless G String With Pearl CharmGolden Half Shell DesignCelebrate the immortal goddess of sexual..


Cobra - Silver Vagina Jewelry with Cobra Charm

G String With Silver Vaginal ChainEgyptian Cobra Figurine With Insertable Vaginal BeadsThe stylized,..


Crazier - Silver Vagina Jewelry with Clit Charm

Crotchless G String With Silver Vaginal ChainJewelry With Clitoral Stimulator"This is crazy!" you e..


Delicate - Enticing Lips Silver Vagina Jewelry

Crotchless G String With Silver Vaginal ChainDelicate Lips Clit JewelryLovers are mesmerized by Body..


Desdemona - Gold Clitoral Exciter Blue Orb

Vaginal JewelryClitoris Stimulating Vagina OrnamentThis Women's labia spreading and clitoris stimula..


Dreams - Silver Vagina Jewelry with Nude Goddess Lovers

Crotchless G String With Silver Vaginal ChainNude Goddess Clit JewelryIs Dreams - Silver Vagina Jewe..


Elfin Goddess - Gold Vagina Jewelry with G String

Brandeburg Knot Vaginal Jewelry with Chains. G-String in silver with gold plate labia ornament. ..


Enchanted - Gold Vagina Jewelry with Penis Charm

Crotchless G String With Gold Vaginal ChainPenis CharmThere are many benefits to wearing crotchless ..


A Quick Guide to Buying Vagina Jewelry

As a modern woman, you are independent and open-minded. You know what you want both physically and emotionally. Be it a nice outfit, a beautiful handbag, a holiday in the Maldives or even a priceless piece of vaginal jewelry.

History of Vaginal Jewelry

For centuries, jewelry has been used to complement our looks. On most occasions, people put on jewelry when going to events or public places. However, what if you want to enhance the natural beauty of your sexiness?

Here at Body Body, we have an extensive collection of stunning clit jewelry. Whether you are planning to spend an intimate night with someone special, or simply want to admire your inner beauty, our fine selection of vaginal jewelry will have you looking amazing.

There is no doubt that sexy lingerie is a key ingredient in bringing out your sexy look. However, adding clit jewelry takes you to the next level. For ladies with long and thick labia, a fancy piece of labia jewelry in luxury 24 carat gold or sterling silver will decorate your vaginal lips. Alternatively, if your inner lips are small, you should consider penetrating vagina jewelry ornamented with vaginal chains and beads.

There are lots of designs for you to choose from. For those who don’t have piercings on their pussy lips, a vaginal ornament is a great option. You can wrap it around your waist and let it lie gently on your clitoris.

Tips on How to Buy Clit Jewelry

Is it your first time shopping for vaginal jewelry here at Body Body? Well, we understand that choosing the right piece can seem difficult. And that’s why we have compiled a quick guide below to help you make the best choice.

1. Discover Your Style

When it comes to sexuality, we all differ. This is evident in our fantasies and sexual desires. You need to choose clit jewelry that fits your style and personality.

2. Basic or Bombshell?

If you go through our list, you will discover that we have both simple/elegant jewelry as well as jaw-dropping pieces. The best pick for you depends on your personality and how you plan to use that piece of jewelry.

3. Quality

Thanks to the internet, you can easily identify a crappy piece of jewelry from a quality one. Therefore, before buying any piece, make that it is worth what you are paying for. Body Body vaginal jewelry has won multiple awards. it is designed by a world renowned French jeweler and hand crafted in Paris

Other than giving you the best and most unique pieces of clit jewelry, Body Body has the best prices on the market. Go through our collection and shop the best pieces for yourself or a loved one.

Body Body has the finest selection of clit jewlery anywhere. Nothing beats a nice pair of pussy lips decorated with labia jewelry. Whether they consist of a simple clit-clamp or a more fancy set of labia pearls, clip-on labia decorations will only stay attached if your labia are long and thick enough to hold on to. In case your inner lips are too small you might want to get your clitoris hood pierced, so you can attach a ring and decorative chains, pearls or small beads.Vaginal jewelry looks very attractive on your vulva if you have large and thick sexy labia. The design of the beads and dangles of clit jewelry completes the natural beauty of pendulous lips.