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A Warm Place - Scrotum Testicle Caressing Hands Chain Penis Jewelry in Silver

Jewelry to Wear on Your PenisNon-Piercing Penis JewelryHelping Hands Penis Jewelry is a warm and pos..


Atum-Ra - Silver Cobra Penis Jewelry

Sterling Silver Plate Penis ChainEgyptian Theme Cock Jewelry with Cobra FigureNon-Piercing Penis Jew..


Babyfather - Gold Penis Chain with Hematite Gem Tassel

24 Carat Gold Plated Jewelry for Your PenisNon-Piercing Penis JewelryBody Body's high quality, hand ..


Bad Things - Silver Penis Chain with Blue Crystal Gem and Tassel

Men's Silver Cock BandNon-Piercing Testicle BandThis is a truly unique piece of jewelry and looks gr..


Bruiser - Silver Testicle Bracelet with Penis Charm

Sterling Silver Plate Penis ChainCock Jewelry with Phallic FigureNon-Piercing Penis JewelryBruiser -..


Dangerously - Silver Penis Chain with Blue Crystal Gemstones

Silver Penis BraceletLuxury Erotic Jewelry for MenCrafted of heavy silver plating, this bracelet is ..


Dude - Gold Testicle Bracelet with Penis Charm

24 Carat Gold Plate Penis ChainCock Jewelry with Phallic FigureNon-Piercing Penis JewelryIf you've e..


Even Deeper - Scrotum Testicle Caressing Hands Chain in Gold

Scrotum Testicle Caressers Penis Chain in Gold PlateLuxury Jewelry for Your PenisThe Scrotum Testicl..


Gateway - Penis Chain with Gold Door Knocker

24 Carat Gold Plate Penis ChainCock Jewelry with Abstract FigureNon-Piercing Penis JewelryOpportunit..


Gentle Arousal - Sterling Silver Penis Jewelry

Outstanding sterling silver plated penis jewelry for men. This bold ornament makes the wearer stand ..


Gently Erect - Gold Penis Jewelry

The perfect penis jewelry for a true Midas. Bold, adventurous and sure to draw admiring glances. You..


Go Deep - Men's Gold Kiss Penis Chain Bracelet with Pendant

Go Deep - Men's Gold Kiss Penis Chain Bracelet with Pendant. This Gold Kiss penis bracelet drapes pe..


Hail Mary - Men's Silver Woman Shaft Penis Cock Chain

Hail Mary - Men's Silver Woman Shaft Penis Cock Chain. This Trapeze Lady penis bracelet drapes perfe..


Havana - Gold Penis Chain with Crystal Gems

This Men’s chain with top side and scrotum crystal gem is simply exquisite. The cast and heavy gold ..


Healing Touch - Gold Penis Bracelet

Gold and Lambskin Penis Bracelet. Imagine a black lambskin bracelet offering up a gold lady's finger..


Our Penis Jewelry in Action

Buy Hand Crafted Erotic Jewelry from Paris

Gold or Silver Plated Penis Decoration

The sexy male will appreciate this gold body jewelry from famous designers. He will decorate his penis with his choice of an eagle or a serpent or an abstract design. Some of the pieces have semi-precious stones such as hematite. All of them make a spectacular visual effect. The man who wears gold penis jewelry will stand out at the nude beach or at a sex club.  He will also impress alone in an intimate setting with his partner. Get these unique penis decorations from Body Body at low prices today.

This silver phallus jewelry is among some of the finest men's body jewelry you can find in the world. They are designed and created by world renowned erotic artists Body Body's silver cock jewelry will be sure to make a positive and lasting impression wherever you wear it. Wear it on the nude beach or at sex clubs, swinger parties or in an intimate encounter with your special someone. Our silver cock jewelry will mark you out as a distinctive individual and a true sexual athlete. Get Body Body's silver plated jewelry for your penis with arrow, eagle, serpent, hands or buckle ornaments today.

Fine Art Erotic Jewelry

Hand Made in Paris

Some men just manage to attract  women. It's easy to be a sexual magnet and an elegant male with this sexy jewelry for your penis from Body Body. It is exclusive jewelry in gold and silver. These are collector's items. Our jewelry includes pieces in 10 micron gold and silver plate. The variety of designs such as eagles, serpents and abstract designs means that the most discerning man will find the erotic jewelry piece to wear for his partner. This kind of erotic jewelry is also great for nude beaches and sex clubs. These designs are great romantic gifts for the sexy male. It's no longer hard to shop for your husband. Body Body offers free shipping on jewelry for a man's penis.

Wondering where to get sexy, uniquely crafted men's erotic jewelry? Body Body's sexy male schlong jewelry department has the most wonderful assortment of penis ring jewelry direct from Paris. Choose from among the latest trends or vintage ornaments with gorgeous pendants. You will have an unusually intense feeling of male sexuality.

Don't worry about the size of your balls or the girth of your cock. Our men's erotic jewelry bands are adjustable and comfortable. Whether you prefer silver or gold penis Jewelry, we’ve got you covered. 

Erotic jewelry is a way to adorn your manhood. It sets you off from the ordinary and sends a signal to your partner. This is the ultimate benefit of Body Body's penis ring jewelry designed on the boulevards of the City of Light. We are confident that you can find a piece of jewelry for your penis that fits your lifestyle.

Our member jewelry simply looks fantastic. It feels great under any outfit. Plus our products are exceptional works of art. The utmost care and attention is paid to the fine details of the arrows and buckles as well as the eagle or serpent charms. You will be admired when you turn up at your next sex/swinger party. Your friends will look at your beautified cock with the sort of awe that befits the sexual athlete you are.

The only questions you need to ask yourself while shopping are: Am I a gold god or a silver demon? And should I put on  striking penis bracelet or dangling beads? Then go ahead and indulge in our fabulous selection of men's erotic jewelry creations: Baby Father, Bad Things, Dangerously, Gentle Caress, Fullback Trap, Gor, Havana, Hail Mary, etc.

After all, what sexy male doesn’t want to show off his masculinity? And what better way can you do this than to get yourself one of Body Body's exquisite sexy dong jewelry pieces? Body Body offers adorable male penis Jewelry at pocket-friendly prices. Get yours today!

There are two types of penis jewelry. First, there is regular body jewelry with penis shaped charms. You find these in the penis jewelry collections of Yves Saint-Laurent and Ke$ha. Then there is phalliic jewelry meant to be worn on your cock and decorate your penis. Body Body sells both kinds, but our great penis jewelry collection is worn on and highlights the man's cock and balls.

Gold Penis Jewelry

Pretty much the ultimate of erotic jewelry for your penis is gold cock jewelry. This sort of men’s cock jewelry puts your manliness on display. The first way is obvious. The second is the gold material which announces in an understated way that you can afford the finest luxury items. Body Body’s cock jewelry comes in 10 microns 24 carat gold. It is expertly applied under the supervision of the jewelry artist in our Parisian atelier.

Silver Penis Jewelry and Silver Adjustable Penis Rings

Sterling silver phallus jewelry can be even more refined than gold. Silver non-piercing jewelry for your penis embodies a subtle assertiveness. It embellishes both the size and the net worth of the wearer’s cock. Any man who wear’s silver penile jewelry commands respect. He displays his self-respect. Body Body's silver jewelry is hand made out of sterling silver.

Cock Jewelry and Cock Rings

Cock jewelry is created in multiple variations with different attachments depending on the designer. It is meant to heighten the male's pleasure and decorate his penis.

Cock jewelry makes his erect penis harder and larger. It's a way of keeping his cock engorged with blood in such a way as to delay and heighten his orgasm. Cock jewelry rings work by restricting the flow of blood to the penile shaft. When the wearer finally ejaculates he feels an ecstasy much more intense than normal.

Some of Body Body’s non-piercing penis jewelry gives the appearance of piercing. It has exactly the same visual effect as piercing cock jewelry without the pain.

Some cock rings are part of erotic male jewelry. Some male cock jewelry pieces have anal stimulators that produce extra intense orgasms. Simply said, I love cock jewelry!

Body Body provides some men's erotic jewelry in a variety of sizes. We're dedicated to providing you with the best and most comfortable cock ring jewelry for men  to fit your penis. Here's how to choose the best fitting cock ring jewelry. First take your measurement.

Start with a piece of string and loop it behind your balls. Then wind it up around the the penis base where it meets the body. Note the string on both sides where it comes together and is comfortably snug. The space between marks is the circumference length you should choose.

Divide the circumference by 3.14. This is your cock ring diameter or ring size. We suggest that you try this measuring exercise a couple times to assure a proper fit that will help you purchase your perfectly fitting cock ring. Simply said, I love cock jewelry!

Now you have your cock jewelry and you’re anxious to try it on. Cock rings in particular can seem difficult to slip on. So it might be fun to turn the process into a ritual.This process can vary because ring designs vary. If there are designer instructions for your cock and ball jewelry, it's always a good idea to consult those first. They are the most relevant to your particular piece.

Cock rings can be put on while your penis is flaccid or semi erect. In most cases a little lube will help a lot. Simply slip the head of your penis through the ring hole and then slide it down as far as you wish.

Where to place the cock ring will depend on the style and size you chose. Your choice might fit best at the base of the penis. Or else behind the head or halfway up the cock shaft. You might be in the mood to go all the way and wear several rings up and down your penis shaft.

Putting on a cock and ball ring takes a bit longer. It can generally only be done when your penis flaccid. A rarity, we know! First insert your testicles one at a time. Be careful. Rather than roughly pulling or pushing your balls, you should gently and gradually manipulate the scrotal skin to urge it through the ring. Eventually your testicles will simply fall through on their own. You can then go ahead and push your penis gently through the ring.

Sexual Stimulation with Phallus Jewelry

Penis ring jewelry not only decorates but also stimulates a man’s penis. For some people the best penis rings for cocks are almost a sex toy or even amazingly a medical device. It's a ring worn around the penis which grasps cock shaft and can restrict blood flow.

This can help maintain an erection longer than if the penis ring jewelry wan't in place. A man's penis also appears larger than normal because it is engorged with surplus blood.  You might feel like you’ve gained an inch or more in length and girth.

The extra blood which is trapped in the penis can also make it very sensitive. You might love the extra sensations and find stimulation while wearing men's erotic jewelry or a cock ring better than straight unadorned sex.

Can male penis jewelry delay a man's orgasm? Consider the practice of edging. That's where a man stimulates his penis  to the point of orgasm and then stops. By repeating this over and over the eventual orgasm is much more intense. I've heard some men are able to edge with cock ring jewelry.

Some cock rings can occasionally intensify sexual excitement during intercourse to the point of orgasm.

Here's something to try. Place the ring around your penis head and then push it down and up under the glans. Your penile jewelry should be nice and tight. The penis ring along adds pressure for more intense orgasms. The wearer feels unexpected sensations as it massages the frenulum. His partner also shares in the excitement.

Cock ring handmade  jewelry comes in a variety of shapes and styles. There are C rings, penis rings, shaft rings, glans rings and cock and ball rings.

Some jewelry for your penis is even cunningly designed to stimulate specific parts of the body while being worn. Good designers make sure hanging pendants rub against the wearer in just the right places.

However, we shouldn't forget that male cock jewelry is primarily a luxury erotic body decoration.  Cock jewelry enhances erections and that's definitely a plus, but not the purpose for which it is worn.

What does phallic jewelry feel like? Wearing a cock ring can be somewhat of a unique experience since it not only shows off the penis, it also stimulates the wearer. For obvious reasons penis jewelry stimulation can be incredibly satisfying.

There's a sort of release, a kind of pre-orgasm when you wear a penis ring or when you remove cock jewelry at the point of orgasm. Your orgasm is pleasurably delayed. When it occurs, it's much more intense. Then you feel a deep relief and a drop in tension.

Some cock rings are designed with clitoral stimulation in mind, but otherwise women often don't really notice its presence.

Contrary to expectations, well designed schlong jewelry is extremely comfortable and not painful in the slightest. The wearer's penis will definitely be more sensitive but in a good way. The slight pressure and extra blood in the penis makes the wearer's nerves highly sensitive. There's a sort of relief when the blood passes the barrier and orgasms are often stronger.

Sterling silver adjustable cock jewelry is particularly comfortable and exciting to wear. Silver cock rings slip easily over your penis  The silver is solid but soft enough to adjust for girth. With the proper size these rings fit loosely over a non-erect penis. They are mildly tight when the penis is erect.

Put your cock ring on when you are soft. When you become aroused the blood flow increases to your penis and it grows engorged and erect.

Silver cock rings prevent blood the blood from escaping  penile tissue. With all that blood flowing men experience the bonus of increased tactility in the penis.

Many  men who have worn cock jewelry report having a harder penis and more intense orgasms.

Enjoy Body Body’s sterling silver wrapped around your scrotum and penis. This is the most erotic way to decorate your cock.

Non Piercing Cock Jewelry

What does jewelry for your penis feel like? Wearing cock ring jewelry all day can change your sense of self-esteem. It will make you more prepared than ever for an en explosive sexual encounter. Worn under your clothes, it’s a self-assuring token of your manliness. Exposed, the entire world or at least your partner becomes privy to the secret. Even though it’s jewelry, it stimulates your genitals. It can even cause your penis to grow erect. Male penis ring jewelry is erotic jewelry. Everything about it enhances erotic feelings.

The effect is similar to nipple jewelry. Both men and women feel a sort of energy discharge when they remove nipple clips. In the same way there’s an orgasmic feeling both while wearing a cock ring and taking it off. Actual orgasm can be delayed and proceed much slower. But in the end there’s the same sense of relief and drop in tension.

The following exercise might give you an idea of what we’re talking about. Wrap a rubber band several times around one of your fingers until it’s tight. This traps the blood in the tip in the same way that penis ring jewelry traps the blood in the penis. Don’t keep it on for too long. A few minutes should give you a good idea of what you’ll feel in your cock.  Try it and see!

What about your partner? Some penis ring designs also induce clitoral stimulation. Otherwise women shouldn’t really notice the presence of cock ring at all.

Properly designed penis glans jewelry is certainly not painful. Your penis will definitely be more sensitive. But the effect is more one of pleasure than pain. It’s kind of like wearing finger rings. You’re definitely aware of their presence, especially when you first put them on. But eventually penis jewelry like other jewelry assumes its proper role of decoration and erotic display.

You Can Wear The Penis Jewelry You Buy from Body Body Even During Sex


It’s kind of a kink to wear phallus jewelry during sex. But it works!. Like normal sex toy cock rings luxury men's erotic jewelry helps encourage and maintain an erection. Add this to the extra confidence from the gold or silver adornment from Body Body’s male organ jewelry. You will soon understand the benefits. In fact many of the joys of penis ring jewelry are intercourse specific


Who would have thought that penis ring jewelry could play a role in alleviating erectile dysfunction?  Penile jewelry not only stimulates an erection it helps a man maintain it longer. Male potency with penis glans jewelry lasts much longer than the average sexual encounter.


Cock jewelry also helps discourage premature ejaculation. The extra tightness around the man’s penis and balls can delay orgasm sometimes as long as he wishes.  Orgasm occurs only after the penis ring jewelry is taken off.


In fact the wearer’s penis can remain engorged with blood even after orgasm. This means the male partner remains erect during the crucial post coital period when the woman is still aroused.

Luxury design, low prices, fast free shipping. What's keeping you from buying jewelry for your penis from Body Body today?