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SONA 2 CRUISE is a sonic massager which, with the help of Cruise Control technology, automatically regulates the power to maintain its speed and strength. This toy is sleeker than ever and has 12 settings.

SONA 2 CRUISE is a pleasure toy which combines all the best features of LELOs technology, innovation and pleasure-making. This is sonic massager that stimulates 75% more of the users clitoris and not only on the outside - its impact can be felt even deeper underneath. SONA 2 CRUISE is an ultimate LELOs upgrade because it has all the best features so far. It operates with Cruise Control technology, which means that when its pressed hard against body it wont drop its power, which eventually delivers perfectly consistent, complication-free experience. Its not a setting, its completely automatic and its made for the best experience. There are 12 powerful yet gentle enough settings to choose so every user can find the perfect one. For more convenient use, the way SONA 2 CRUISE turns off is now changed. Instead of pushing and holding ( ) on the control board, the middle button ( ) acts as setting changer and off button.

Product Features:
SOFTER SONIC WAVES - SONA 2s sonic waves are even softer but still deliver quick yet gentle clitoral stimulation, without making direct contact the skin.
BIGGER SURFACE FOR MORE EXHILARATING PLEASURE - The softer, deeper, and larger opening will make you feel complete satisfaction from deep within.
SENSATION PERFECT FOR YOU - From an even gentler murmur to a satisfying pulse, SONA 2s introduces a wider range of pleasure settings for the entire clitoral area.
INNOVATIVE CRUISE CONTROL When pressed against the body, SONA Cruise 2 automatically increases intensity for your controlled and consistent pleasure.
EXTRA-SOFT SILICONE AND WATERPROOF DESIGN - Ultra-smooth premium body-safe silicone is extra soft to the touch and the waterproof design allows you to explore sonic waves in the bath or shower.

Product Specifications:
Lithium Battery Capacity: 1050mAh
Lithium Battery Energy (W/h): 3.86
Lithium Battery Voltage (Volts): 3.7
Charging Time (hrs): 2
Max User Time (hrs): 1
Max Standby Time (days): 90
Max Noise Level (dB): 50

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