Hemp Seed 3-in-1 Massage Candle - Isle of You - 6 Oz.

Hemp Seed 3-in-1 Massage Candle - Isle of You - 6 Oz.

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Set a calming ambiance and enjoy a relaxing massage with a single product. The unique candle melts into a warm massage oil that gently absorbs into the skin, leaving it well moisturized and feeling silky soft.

Isle of You smells like tuberose, citrus, and amber

Key Benefits:
Nourishes and protects the skin
Delivers hydration and long-lasting moisture
Soothes dry and parched skin
Adds a calming ambiance to any room

The 3-in-1 Hemp Massage Candle melts down into a massage oil with a unique blend of six natural oils providing a professional slip that moisturizes skin, leaving it healthier-looking, and hydrated with a youthful looking glow. Experience this rich oil by pouring it directly onto the body for a warm massage, or in place of your daily moisturizer!

Specially formulated to melt a couple degrees above body temperature, the 3-in-1 Hemp Massage Candle doesnt just provide romantic light and fragrance the melted wax can also be used as a moisturizer or warm massage oil. Hemp seed oil, the primary ingredient in this candle, has a fantastic slip factor for massage and, because it sinks into the lipid layer of the cells, skin is left soft and moisturized without any greasy feel.

The unique combination of oils also increases their burn time. Soy oil burns cleaner and longer than paraffin, so this candle will burn for up to 60 hours, depending on how much melted wax you dribble out for other endeavours wink, wink.

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