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Vibrating Anal Beads

Get the Sexiest Vibrating Anal Beads at Body Body.

Erotic Symphony - Sex Toy
Erotic Symphony - Sex Toy
Regular price: $35.45
Belladonnas Gangbanger - Anal Toy
Titanmen Crankshaft - Anal Toy
Titanmen Crankshaft - Anal Toy
Regular price: $60.95
Onyx Stix Plug Rippled - Anal Toy
Onyx Stix Plug Smooth - Anal Toy
Touche Bona Dea Pink - Anal Toy
Touche Bona Dea Pink - Anal Toy
Regular price: $51.95
Touche Bona Dea Purple - Anal Toy

Vibrating anal beads from Body Body provide all the fun of butt plugs, anal probes, and anal beads and balls plus multi-speed vibration to further enhance the experience for you. Use these vibrating anal sex toys to loosen up the back door, to intensify orgasms or simply as regular butt plugs, probes or anal beads.Vibrating Plugs & Probes sex toys

What are Vibrating Anal Beads?

Anal sex toys are used now days by women and men gay or straight. Their popularity is increasing dramatically. Anal toys can be categories into butt plugs, probes, and anal beads. All anal toys are used to stimulate the back passage and create a better and fuller orgasm for male and female users. What are different types of anal toys?

Butt Plugs - Butt plugs are normally thick in the middle and thin on top and bottom. Once inserted, it is meant to be locked inside by the rim muscle around your anus. Butt Plugs are used frequently together with vibrators and sexual intercourse for stronger orgasms for women.

Anal Probes - Anal Probes are normally longer than plugs, and they varies in shape. Some of them are ribbed, some are curved, and some of them even vibrate. Probes are used frequently by men to stimulate male g-spot which can only be found through the rear passage.

Anal Beads - Anal Beads are meant to be inserted slowly and one at a time for men and women. When pulling the beads out slowly, it generates intense pleasure for him/her. Is Anal Sex Safe?

It is safe if you practice anal sex with the same amount of caution as normal sex. Such as using condoms, clean anal area thoroughly before sex, and most importantly, make sure before and during anal sex or anal sex toy usage, the area is thoroughly lubricated.