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Sex and the City Pearl Crotchless Panties

Sex and the City Pearl Crotchless Panties

Sexy crotchless pearl panties as seen on TV.

Blow -  Pearl Crotchless Panty
Blow - Pearl Crotchless Panty
Regular price: $16.95

Everybody remembers the great television show Sex and the City and the excitement that was caused by pearl crotchless panties. That touched off a merchandising wave. Every woman wanted the same kind of pearl or beaded crotchless panty as she saw her favorite characters wearing. Sex in The City pearl crotchless panties were available from Body Body then and they are still available now at in deliciously low prices. Body Body specializes in lace pearl panties with the beads arranged in different ways along the crotch and rear of the panty. One style has a small circular opening for the beads, another a small square opening. POur most popular style lets it all hang out with the pearl beads staring just below a small lace triangle and extending all the way up your butt! So Naughty! One very special style has intertwined pear;s and broad lace straps. You have to take a look at it and try it. Our lace panties come in a variety of colors. All are one size fits most. Be daring. Get a pair of Sex in the City panties from Body Body today. Or, at our prices, you can get several.